Historic Harbor Tour

The one of a kind perspective from cruising the water of Charleston Harbor provides insight into how this historic city developed since its founding in 1670.
"Captain Bryan is a very personable and knowledge guide. He took us to all the historic attraction and gave us engaging overview and was able to answer all of our questions. Not only did we get an understanding of Charleston's history but we got a taste of their culture today. He offered us local refreshments and snacks and even let us catch fresh crabs! Highly recommend his tour for all ages!"
San Francisco

    The vessel used is a 22 foot bay boat going over the same seabed that saw a pirate blockade by the dreaded Blackbeard, one of the first major Revolutionary War Victories at the Battle of Fort Moultrie, and a Civil War naval blockade and battle that would inspire movies like ‘Glory’. Captain Bryan will provide history about 5 historic sites (Fort Moultrie, Fort Sumter, The Battery (Oyster Point), Castle Pinckney and the site of Fort Johnson. Along these tours you will also have the opportunity to see a multitude of native wildlife including the friendly bottlenose dolphin and diving pelicans. Captain Bryan has years of tour guide experience and is one of the few Captains who is also licensed with the City of Charleston.

1-2 People


3-4 People


5-6 People


Capacity on the vessel is for 6 people comfortably with cushioned seating. Tours are catered to the expectations of guests onboard and can mix as much cruising and historical knowledge as is wanted. Further arrangements can be made for special requests. Beverages are provided complimentary on the vessel and further refreshments can be brought on by passengers, cooler space and ice is provided. Prior to departing waiver must be signed and all passengers shall undergo quick tutorial on life preserver usage and safety habits.

"Me and my fiance went on the 2 hour tour last Saturday, the trip was awesome to say the least. Captain Bryan provided complimentary drinks while aboard and you learned a lot of the history of the harbor. He was beyond knowledgable and kept us engaged the entire time. The views were amazing so sometimes I got side tracked from the tour lol. We were able to see a ton of native wildlife and the dolphins were so playful and fun to watch! The boat ride was smooth and comfortable, I highly recommend this adventure to anyone!"
Brandon Monaghan